Elaborate Guide to Harvard Referencing: Organize Your Research Paper Properly

When writing a research paper, Harvard referencing may be required. It includes developing a structured way of referencing works used to obtain information. University students will learn the basics of using this format according to guidelines stated as part of their project. How sources are referenced varies depending on the type of source used. Once you understand the main details associated with this form of referencing it will be easier to complete. When you need additional guidance for your project you can try this out.

Basic Details to Know

Using the Harvard referencing style is different from others commonly used such as MLA or APA. There are specific details to pay attention to that help make or break your paper. Because it refers to citations and how content was accessed for research, it is important to pay close attention to details. Here are a few points to pay attention to when using this formatting style.

  • Understand two forms of referencing including in-text citations (paraphrasing or quoting a source) and reference lists (found at the end of the project). It helps to use a research paper example Harvard style to give a visual idea.
  • A reference list mentions details including author names, publication year, title, publication city, publisher, and pages accessed. The format for this is as follows: Last name, First initial. (Publication year), Title. City: Publisher name, pages used.
  • Citing books for one author is different from citing a book with more than one author. The difference is you have to mention if the edition of the book (if there is one), and list both authors first if more than one author wrote the book. List citations by year if citing multiple works from one author.
  • If a book has chapters edited mention the chapters and pages used.
  • For web material the citation format structure includes listing the last name, first initial, publication year, title of article, the name of the online publication or journal, pages accessed, and the link or URL including the date it was accessed.
  • When citing publications such as print journals and articles, use the same format for book authors but note the name of the article title, the publication or journal, and the issue or volume it is from along with pages accessed.

Other Details to Know

It is important to know how to cite something in a research paper in order to obtain proper credit for the work completed. Many writing projects of this nature require the use of a formatting style that assists with citing content. Seek sample papers using the format to get a better idea of how to present your final content.

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