Math Research Paper Ideas For High School Students

When it comes to most high school math course, students often think they will be working on math equations throughout the year without having to write a paper. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, as more schools are adapting a curriculum that involves conducting original research on some math concept as a way of preparing students for even more difficult courses in their future. The following is a list of math research paper ideas that you should consider if you find yourself in the position of having to do this kind of assignment:

  1. Applying geometrical patterns in very high dimensions. When high dimensions are used in an equation there are several outside factors that affect the outcome. How are high dimension equations different than real-life equations?
  2. In what ways does learning how to read Braille create more students who are inclined for mathematical success? There have been a number of studies showing a correlation suggesting a greater understanding for math. Choose a case study.
  3. Provide a discussion on the kinematics of rolling. When an object roles on a flat plane there are a number of forces acting upon it. How does kinematics explain our ability to accurately predict behavior of a rolling object?
  4. Analyze Maxwell Hodge’s theory as it applies in Electromagnetism. Before Hodge’s theory was introduced, electromagnetism had a broader set of unknowns. How did his theory change all of this and how do scientists apply his theory in their research and advancement?
  5. Discuss diffusion limits as they apply to daily walks. As people take daily walks, a number of mathematical forces come into play. How do specific diffusion limits affect the way people’s actions are predicted?
  6. What role does math have in computer science and programming? Without mathematical advancement would it be possible for computer science and programing theories advance in the field of information technology?
  7. Analyze the various geometrical possibilities in a game of billiards. It is estimated there are millions of possibilities on the plane of a billiard board. How does knowledge of geometry help in narrowing for the best options?
  8. Write a research paper about the culture of mathematics in high school in its understanding of the ancient but necessary role of the number zero. In what ways is the number zero important in the development of currently unknown mathematics?

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